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As a small business owner, you’re faced with a tough dilemma. You have administrative work that needs to be done, but spending time on it takes away time you should be spending generating income for your business.

You’ll most likely spend your time generating income. As a result, your administrative work will pile up and becomes even more difficult to manage. Then, before you know it, you have an impossible mountain of paperwork. You don’t want to hire an employee, but this mountain needs to be climbed. So how do you solve your dilemma? You call Davis Virtual Resources.

At Davis Virtual Resources we have the solutions you’ve been looking for. We help you climb the mountain of paperwork, and teach you how to clear it away so you never have to climb it again. Think of all the things you could do if you didn’t have to mess with doing all the administrative work.

By working with Davis Virtual Resources you’ll get all the benefits of having your own administrative assistant without having to deal with payroll taxes, benefits packages, or any of the other hassles associated with hiring an employee.

Whether you have an individual project or ongoing administrative needs, Davis Virtual Resources has just what you’re looking for. Contact Us today and we’ll have you out from under Mt. Paperwork in no time.

Esther Davis has been very faithful and is a competent bookkeeper for handling work related to $33 million worth of construction contracts from April 2006 to date.

- James Pratt, FAIA
James Pratt Architecture

Working with Davis Virtual Resources I was able to get my life in order. Esther was able to make my home office functional and efficient. She was also able to help me put the systems in place to keep it that way. Thanks Esther!

- Glenda Fernando
Fort Worth, Texas