Below you’ll find a brief summary of some of our most requested services. Our list of available services continues to grow, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for please Contact Us. In the unlikely event that we are unable to provide the service you’re looking for, we’ll make every effort to connect you with someone who can.


Keeping an accurate set of books is one of the most critical pieces to running a profitable business. They’re also your best defense if you should ever get that dreaded call from the IRS. Bookkeeping is also one of the tasks most small business owners put off as long as possible. Whether you need us to start you on the right path or correct your missteps, Davis VR will take the pain out of your bookkeeping. We’ll set up a bookkeeping system that’s easy for you to maintain, but detailed enough to keep your CPA and the IRS happy.

Set-up Office Systems/Processes

An efficient office system is a key component to making your work day productive. Developing a good set of processes ensures that you won’t drop the ball on your biggest account. Davis VR will evaluate your current systems/processes and set up a system that allows you to get more hours out of the day and present you with processes that are easy to follow so the little details on your big client don’t fall through the cracks.

Office Training

Do you have a bunch of office software that’s going to do amazing things for your business if you can just figure out how to use it? Davis VR can teach you. We offer both beginner level and advanced training for all of Microsoft Office as well as Quickbooks, Quicken, and more.

Forensic Bookkeeping

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your books could hold up to the scrutiny of an IRS audit? Doing some forensic bookkeeping allows Davis VR to do an internal audit so you know you’ll have nothing to fear if you ever get notice of an external audit. Davis VR has a working knowledge of the IRS and can help you to understand the IRS systems. This allows us to set things up so you know they will be compliant with the IRS and you’ll have nothing to fear.

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